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Monday, August 1, 2011

OLD GUYS RULE In Europe! First stop: the United Kingdom!

Old Guys Rule Founders Don and Robi Craig recently trekked to Northern Europe to visit new retailers in Sweden and the UK. Along the way, they were treated like royalty. Perhaps that’s because people in countries like these -- whose histories span millennia -- respect the wisdom of the ages like no others. And isn’t that what Old Guys Rule is all about – to celebrate one’s accomplishments and wear them as a “Badge of Honor”?

Don and Robi traveled the countryside, seaside towns and quaint villages, visiting with store owners and customers alike. They were overwhelmed by the friendly hospitality, signing posters and shirts and posing for photos with people in the stores and on the street. Humble as they are, the attention was affirming. Don and Robi created Old Guys Rule to honor those men who turned their life experiences into an opportunity to share their wisdom with new generations. To see their concept being accepted by so many cultures outside of the US was certainly a crowning achievement.

We’ll be posting more photos from their journey to Northern Europe soon. Stay tuned and enjoy the sites of Sweden and the UK. Don and Robi sure did.


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