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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Men Of A Certain Age = Aged to Perfection

A customer recently shared this post from Parade Magazine with us. It is an interview with the three actors in the TNT drama "Men of a Certain Age." We’ve caught the show a couple of times and can definitely relate to the characters in the show, but based on the article we can relate to real men behind those characters even more.

When asked about how he felt about the passing of the years, 48 year old Andre Braugher responded, “Time only flows in one direction, as far as we know. You have to go with it, because these are the only times we've got. These are the good times. No, I do not look as good as I did at 26, but guess what? I'm not 26.“ Who couldn’t appreciate that? We certainly do; we’ve earned every wrinkle, every gray hair and we’re proud of it. We’ve lived and it shows. There is no shame in that. We are “Aged to Perfection” and we like it.

Our favorite part of the interview is the question, “ What’s the best part about this stage in life?” It made us think. For us the best part is when we can do what we love, whether it is spending time with friends or family, riding our bikes down the open road, surfing a wave…What do you think? What’s the best part for you?


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