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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Guys Rule the Surf

Old Guys Rule the Surf
News From The Old Guy

Old Guys Rule has deep roots in surfing, so it's great to get back to those roots from time to time.  We are excited to share an upcoming Southern California event that will give old guys an opportunity to rule the waves.  The Senior Olympics Surf Contest will be held in Huntington Beach at the end of October.  This event is open to surfers age 50 and over.  

Information on judging found on http://www.hbcoa.org/senior_olympics.htm includes the following: 

Judging Criteria:
"A surfer must execute the most radical controlled maneuvers in the critical section of a wave with speed and power throughout. The surfer who executes such maneuvers on the biggest and or best waves for the longest functional distance shall be given higher scores."

Judges Look For: Wave selection, maneuvers, fluidity and style.

We've got enough style, speed, power...bring on the waves.

Even though this event is more than two months away, we're already dreamin' of the smell of the board wax, the ocean spray in our face, and the feel of the board beneath our feet.  If you want to hit the beach and show your skill that day, registration just opened and is required.  Click here for more information.  Don't forget to take pics and share them with us here or on facebook.  We love to see Old Guys Rule.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Any True Blood Fans Out There? Here's Your Chance To Win!

Maybe vampires are or aren’t your thing, but HBO’s “True Blood” mini-series has become one of the channel’s most popular shows and has fans around the world!
We are thrilled to tell you that Old Guys Rule is set to play a starring role in two upcoming episodes. We hope you’ll tune in for the Aug. 21 and Aug. 28 episodes.
In the meantime, we’re giving away an Old Guys Rule t-shirt and cap (of your choice) to the person who comes closest to guessing our brand’s role in the show.
Post your thoughts here and we’ll announce a winner on Monday, Aug. 29.

Good Luck!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Smart Move at Old Guys Rule

Over at Old Guys Rule, we're feeling very "smart" these days. Especially as we launch our new collection featuring Albert Einstein. The collection will be available on our website tomorrow, August 19th. There are three great Old Guys Rule T-Shirts featuring Einstein and famous quotes. This collection is available exclusively online until September 1st.

Interested in a sneak preview?

The first shirt features Einstein on a motorcycle. It celebrates the energy that this amazing Old Guy brought to the world and his tireless pursuit of science and the development of his theory.

The second shirt in the collection, called “Surfstein” features Einstein in a way you have never seen him before. He is carrying a surfboard and wearing a Hawaiian print shirt with one of his famous quotes: "The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."

The last shirt in the collection is pure genius. So genius in fact, that we simply have Einstein's face and the phrase "Pure Genius"- - there is no doubt that Einstein was exactly that.

We think that he would have liked the way we have honored him through this collection. Additionally, we know he would have been thrilled with the fact that a portion of this collection's proceeds will be donated to ensure access to quality education for thousands of students, and to fund cutting-edge scientific and medical research benefiting people around the world.

Einstein was certainly an Old Guys Rule type of guy...he lived, he learned, he loved, and he educated others until his death at age 76. Old Guys Rule extends our Badge of Honor to this genius old guy and we are proud to feature him in this collection.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beyond Gidget. Girl Power in the Water.


Friday, August 5, 2011

It's a Mystery, What's Next For Old Guys Rule

At Old Guys Rule, we are always thinking about what our customers might like to see next. We look at the feedback that our customers share with us and we also work together internally to come up with new ideas. We are really happy to share what you are going to see over the next several months.

We have a new face that will appear on the Old Guys Rule shirts later this month. It's pure "genius" to feature this guy. He's known for his Theory of Relativity and his shock of white hair...we are proud to feature Albert Einstein. Although, as always, there is an Old Guys Rule twist and you'll see Einstein in a new way.

Also, later this month, Old Guys Rule will be featured on two episodes of the Emmy winning HBO series True Blood. We feel pretty cool to appear...just goes to show, Old Guys Rule Hollywood (and everywhere, in our opinion). Yes, we know that's not a humble thing to say, but hey, we Rule.

There will be a few new characters featured in the coming months...one shirt will feature three funny guys and another will feature a different Duke. We don't want to give it away yet, but those are huge clues. We are also doing great things in our community and we will be honoring some Old Guys who are doing the same. We'll be sharing more about this very soon. Until then, keep ruling!

Monday, August 1, 2011

OLD GUYS RULE In Europe! First stop: the United Kingdom!

Old Guys Rule Founders Don and Robi Craig recently trekked to Northern Europe to visit new retailers in Sweden and the UK. Along the way, they were treated like royalty. Perhaps that’s because people in countries like these -- whose histories span millennia -- respect the wisdom of the ages like no others. And isn’t that what Old Guys Rule is all about – to celebrate one’s accomplishments and wear them as a “Badge of Honor”?

Don and Robi traveled the countryside, seaside towns and quaint villages, visiting with store owners and customers alike. They were overwhelmed by the friendly hospitality, signing posters and shirts and posing for photos with people in the stores and on the street. Humble as they are, the attention was affirming. Don and Robi created Old Guys Rule to honor those men who turned their life experiences into an opportunity to share their wisdom with new generations. To see their concept being accepted by so many cultures outside of the US was certainly a crowning achievement.

We’ll be posting more photos from their journey to Northern Europe soon. Stay tuned and enjoy the sites of Sweden and the UK. Don and Robi sure did.