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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Guys Rule the Surf

Old Guys Rule the Surf
News From The Old Guy

Old Guys Rule has deep roots in surfing, so it's great to get back to those roots from time to time.  We are excited to share an upcoming Southern California event that will give old guys an opportunity to rule the waves.  The Senior Olympics Surf Contest will be held in Huntington Beach at the end of October.  This event is open to surfers age 50 and over.  

Information on judging found on http://www.hbcoa.org/senior_olympics.htm includes the following: 

Judging Criteria:
"A surfer must execute the most radical controlled maneuvers in the critical section of a wave with speed and power throughout. The surfer who executes such maneuvers on the biggest and or best waves for the longest functional distance shall be given higher scores."

Judges Look For: Wave selection, maneuvers, fluidity and style.

We've got enough style, speed, power...bring on the waves.

Even though this event is more than two months away, we're already dreamin' of the smell of the board wax, the ocean spray in our face, and the feel of the board beneath our feet.  If you want to hit the beach and show your skill that day, registration just opened and is required.  Click here for more information.  Don't forget to take pics and share them with us here or on facebook.  We love to see Old Guys Rule.  


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