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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old Guys Rule Hero

We just received this letter and photos from a real-life hero!  Thanks to Dennis and all of the rest of the guys in the Military who are scattered around the world making it a safer place for everyone.  SGT Dennis...keep wearing the  Old Guys Rule gear and continue setting an example for the youngsters!  
We thank you and salute you!  TOG

Dear OGR ( Old Guys Rule, I like typing it as much as I like saying it )
I am a 3rd generation Santa Barbarian & Don, I am also a bomb dog handler in
the U.S. Army. Currently deployed for my second time to Afghanistan
attatched to U.S. Special Forces, yes I love my Job. I am also almost double
the age of the average soldier I am deployed with, so I personally wear OGR
gear as often as possible to remind these young pups there is a reason im
still alive @ 40 & looking for IED's while they hide in there trucks. I
would love to scend you a couple of pictures of mesporting my OGR gear in

Afghanistan. just give me an email address to scend it to.
SGT Dennis Dow



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